Friday, June 13, 2014

Cryptonator the Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator

Cryptonator is a useful cryptocurrency rate calculator and conversion tool that is synchronized with all of the major exchanges every minute in order to calculate the most accurate and precise cryptocurrency rates for you.  The system is very easy to use with a simple plug and play method to allow you to instantly convert most cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency or into USD or Euro.

The website features a variety of tools and services at your disposal in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Russian, and Japanese.  Aside from the converter calculator, you can view the rates of the cryptocurrency of your choice by going to the All Rates tab to view the specs.  The Exchange tab is a useful tool to assist you in finding the exchange that lists the cryptocurrency of your choice, which allows you to go straight to the correct exchange rather than clicking through each exchange one by one to search for the exchange that has the cryptocurrency listed for trading.  The Win & Lose tab gives you an overview of rate changes every 30 seconds across over 30 exchanges.  Lastly the My Portfolio tab allows you to create a portfolio to keep track of your balances and features extra security with Two-step Verification Application to log in.

Cryptonator is available online, for the iPhone/iPad, Android devices, and as an extension for Google Chrome browser.


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