Thursday, November 20, 2014

PandaCoin: Develops World’s First Hybrid Cryptocurrency Wallet - Inbuilt Lightweight Mode, Instant Sync Technology & Rapid Blockchain Download

Courtesy of PandaCoin

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Press Release

Pandacoin (PND) Develops World’s First Hybrid Cryptocurrency Wallet - Inbuilt Lightweight Mode, Instant Sync Technology & Rapid Blockchain Download

November 17th, 2014:  Pandacoin (PND) released a major update today to their ‘Crypto-Banking’ wallet – PandaBank, making it the world’s first cryptocurrency main storage client with the ability to switch to a lightweight version of the client, ‘PandaBank Lite’. Pandacoin’s main wallet mode is now called ‘PandaBank Hybrid’, integrated with ‘Instant Sync Technology’ (IST) and ‘Rapid Blockchain Download’ (RBD); allowing their new users to immediately synchronize with the blockchain and utilize their Pandacoins right after installation of the client, and reducing the time to download the entire blockchain from 4 to 24 hours, down to 5 to 15 minutes. 

A spokesperson for Pandacoin explained, “We as a team had identified several user experience problems with the typical main storage of cryptocurrency clients that have yet to be addressed adequately. New users to any cryptocurrency should not need to wait for many hours and in Bitcoin’s case, sometimes even a week, for their wallet to download and synchronize with the blockchain, before being able to see and utilize their cryptocurrencies. Using lightweight clients is a possible solution to this problem, but not ideal for any Proof of Stake based cryptocurrencies, as users are then not participating in interest staking or helping to secure the network to prevent 51% attacks. However, we understand that some of our current and future users will have bandwidth and hard drive storage restrictions, so we are giving them the option to easily switch to ‘PandaBank Lite’ within the same client.”

Cryptocurrency ‘Wallet’ User Experience Redesigned

PandaBank was the world’s first main cryptocurrency wallet designed with a familiar conventional internet banking interface, released on August 30th this year. It was designed with a user experience catering to those that are new to the concept of cryptocurrencies, reminiscent of their own online internet banking experiences. The latest major update to Pandacoin’s ‘Crypto-Banking’ storage client focused specifically on making cryptocurrencies more appealing to the mainstream audience, by improving the user experience for someone new to the cryptocurrencies when they interact with their main storage client after installation for the very first time.

One of the most common and frustrating complaints with users new to cryptocurrencies is “Why can’t I see or use my cryptocurrencies after installing the wallet?”. For the majority of current cryptocurrency wallet clients, syncing with the network involves slowly downloading the entire blockchain from a single peer before being able to see and utilize their newly obtained cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin, most of their new users have to resort to using lightweight clients such as ‘Electrum’ or ‘Multibit’ to bypass downloading gigabytes of data and taking days or even a week before synchronizing with the network and being able to use their Bitcoins. 

Pandacoin’s approach to this issue is introducing ‘Instant Sync Technology’ and ‘Rapid Blockchain Download’ for their main wallet mode, PandaBank ‘Hybrid’. ‘Instant Sync Technology’ synchronizes with the Pandacoin network immediately, so users don’t have to resort to a lightweight client if they want to see and utilize their Pandacoins immediately, and still be able to earn 2.5% annual interest and help secure the Pandacoin network. ‘Rapid Blockchain Download’ uses multiple peers (up to 16) to download the entire blockchain, resulting in download times reduced to an average of 5 to 15 minutes. 

Hybrid Wallets Provides Users the Best of Both Worlds

Pandacoin users can now opt to switch back and forth between ‘Lite’ and ‘Hybrid’ versions of PandaBank under the mode settings tab of the client. This is useful for individuals that have limited bandwidth or hard drive storage space restrictions and require a lightweight client that does not store the entire blockchain on their device. Typically, stored data with PandaBank ‘Lite’ will only be several megabytes. 

The ability to switch back and forth between modes also allows users flexibility if they are travelling to a location where they have limited access to internet bandwidth, and would like to be able to access and use their cryptocurrencies on their laptop whilst away from home. In this scenario, there is no need to download and install a separate lightweight client to remain synchronized with the network, and have your cryptocurrency all in one place with the same client and the same addresses, all at the touch of a button. 

About Pandacoin (PND)

Pandacoin (PND) is the first cryptocurrency designed, developed and packaged specifically for the mainstream mass market, with a specific focus on simplicity and ease of usage. It has been around since early February 2014, with the aim to bring something new, fresh and better than Bitcoin on the market. 

For more information about Pandacoin (PND), please visit Detailed information regarding current development releases, future planned developments and general future direction could be found from our official announcement here -   

Pandacoin (PND)
Jo Sidaris (Bdanyo) / Public Relations Coordinator

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

QuickSilver: A Pure PoS Coin Catering To The Taxicab Industry

Courtesy of QuickSilver

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QuickSilver is a next generation cryptocurrency with a unique focus upon winning the taxicab industry by providing improved security and privacy for consumers, and reducing transactions fees for business owners.  The pre-announcement of QuickSilver was unveiled on October 26th, 2014, but the open sourced software was not officially launched to the public until November 5th, 2014.  This followed a successful ICO which raised 173 BitCoin in crowd share funding, which is going towards the development of the infrastructure and branding necessary to bring the project to success.  QuickSilver is lead by Benjamin Harrison, who has been a part of the altcoin community since 2013 and runs his own writing and editing service called

QuickSilver is an innovative altcoin which is a pure Proof of Stake coin, and has an annual stake rate of 6% with a minimum staking age of 4 hours.  The coin was initially designed with a total of 5,000,000 coins, however, after the coins which went unsold in the presale were destroyed via Bittrex, it's total coin supply was reduced to under 3,500,000.

The wallet's user interface is a next generation wallet with several built in functions which surpass the usability of the first generation QT wallets.  Along with the standard, Overview, Send Coins, Receive Coins, Transactions, and Address Book tabs, it contains an in-wallet Statistics tab which displays current network information, and an in-wallet Block Explorer for convenient blockchain search.

The QuickSilver Team is on a mission to establish QSLV as a meaningful form of payment in the multi-billion dollar taxicab industry to further push cryptocurrencies along the road towards mainstream adoption.  Consumers in large cities are becoming increasingly wary of credit card fraud and cash theft, and QuickSilver provides a swift and secure payment method to protect them from these dangers.  A mobile application is under development which will allow consumers to conveniently load QSLV onto their phone, and then make instant one-click payments at the point of sale.  The taxicab drivers are encouraged to adopt QuickSilver as a form of payment as the drastically reduced fees will lower their bottom line due to the avoidance of expensive credit card fees.  Protection from any potential volatility in the market will be provided through instant QSLV to USD transfers, which will be implemented through the mobile app.  Additionally, plans are in place to rollout a taxicab review system, complete with bounties that consumers can earn for taking the time to review a cab.

The simplicity behind QuickSilver allows consumers who are not familiarize with cryptocurrency to utilize cryptocurrency without even realizing it.  QuickSilver has the ability to achieve where BitCoin has failed by making the process simple to use.  Consumers can easily load cash directly into their QSLV account for instant usage, whereas cash to BitCoin conversion is often a multi-step task that often discourages new consumers from adopting cryptocurrency in their everyday lives.  QuickSilver has designed the process to be easy to use for both the consumer and taxicab business operator.

The concept behind QuickSilver is simple and focused, and could grant a big boost for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption when it begins to catch on in the taxicab industry.  For the purposes of establishing a Proof of Concept for the system, the QuickSilver Team is currently focusing the majority of their efforts upon reaching a level of adoption in New York City, however they are simultaneously building strategic relationships in international markets as well.  The QuickSilver Team is building a future where consumers will be able to use the QuickSilver app on their mobile phone to locate, rate, and review, and hire rides from all sorts of transportation services around the world.  Thus QuickSilver's long-term goal is to reach widespread adoption far wider than just the yellow cabs of New York City. 

The ambition behind the QuickSilver Team's project is tempered by their focus upon reaching achievable goals and milestones, thus the project avoids the common pitfall of aiming too high too soon, and so missing any meaningful goals all together.  QuickSilver is backed by a hardworking and transparent developer team who are determined to leverage their experience in business communication and marketing to make QuickSilver a long-term and widespread success.
"Streamlining the taxicab industry through cryptocurrency" - QuickSilver Team

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MintPal: CEO of Coyote WallStreet To Offer MintPal Undisclosed Amount To Purchase

Patrick "PK" McDonnell, CEO of Coyote WallStreet, is interested in the purchase of MintPal Exchange for experimental purposes for an undisclosed amount.  Details of the offer is to be announced when we receive further details. Mr. McDonnell is currently developing the world's first electronic marketplace named the NAKDAQ™ to be a major competitor against NYC's NASDAQ.  This ambitious marketplace platform would revolutionize the crypocurrency industry and is exactly the forward thinking needed to save alternative cryptocurrencies.

"I believe that MintPal can be resurrected and the exchange itself offers our developers the opportunity to disassemble, dissect, and recreate what once was a viable trading platform.  The previous management team lacked the necessary liquidity from the gate to turn things around.  However, I do not.  With the correct capital injection and know how, MintPal's infrastructure can be saved and relaunched in a manner unlike no other.  A lack of finances and inflated egos is why this situation has occured.  With my firm's financial backing and our development team's skills, we can design a safe and secure trading venue that will change the landscape of how cryptocurrency exchanges operate creating new standards for years to come."  

Earlier today, controversial CEO Alex Green officially announced the closure of  Moolah due to failures of the company and ultimately the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings of Moopay LTD.  The announcement was abrupt but inevitably expected considering Moolah continuously missed deadlines for the launch of MintPal V2 and continued to be lose consumer confidence with continuous critical errors after launch.  Ultimately MintPal was doomed when Moolah took over management of the failing exchange and now questions are up in the air concerning MintPal's future.  Currently the future of MintPal is in limbo under a new undisclosed management team after Moolah stepped down.  MintPal is in need of a knight in shining armor to come to its rescue, which leaves a possible buy out the best plausible solution.  If MintPal accepts Mr. McDonnell's purchase offer then this could be a big step up for the future of cryptocurrency and possibly immortalizing the Coyote as crypto's God and Savior.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

TitCoin: Q&A With Patrick McDonnell The Coyote of Wall Street

Courtesy of Coyote

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We had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with the genius madman behind the mainstream media marketing guru of a plethora amounts of altcoins.  You may not know who Patrick McDonnell is, but you certainly do know about him in one form or another.  The eccentric man is the future of crypto and here's what you can learn from the Coyote of Wall Street.

1.  For those who do not know who you are, why don't you give a brief introduction of yourself and what brought you into crypto?

I'm Coyote, crypto's God and Savior.  I take inexperienced developers from the point of concept to responsibly listed cryptocurrencies on reputable "liquid" exchanges while promoting and helping in the development of their individual eco-system.  Bittrex is my home!  I have been involved with over 400 crypto projects and preach the necessity of financial literacy to each.  I have brought mainstream media to cryptocurrencies such as DogeCoin and was monumental in building that particular coin's marketcap and mainstream exposure.  

I entered cryptocurrency on the Silk Road news, instantaneously I saw the big picture.  The government now owned a significant holding in BitCoin which brought global coverage and exposure, which reminded me of CitiBank in 2007-2008.  The world WOULD NOT know of BitCoin if not for the unfortunate arrest of Ross, so please send him defense donations.  I am close with "Mamma Ross" and support her son.  Ross is innocent. 

Cryptocurrency is the NASDAQ in its infancy, but better.  You would have to be an idiot not to recognize that with my financial background.  I'm an ex Wolf of Wall Street executive, guys like me, Brian Kelly and Max Keiser, saw the vision and adopted it early.  Coyote is the LARGEST investor in alternative cryptocurrency.  Today's bag count is 616 different coins with a total bag holdings exceeding 53 billion coins.  I'm a long-term player with a goal of reaching the top of the BitCoin rich list.

2.  In the crypto community, you are known to be an eccentric character by a few Twitter aliases, what is your methodology for this tactic?

I'll explain, I use the monikers "Coyote Wall Street," "SATOSHI00000001," and "Gordon Crypto."

A.  Coyote is BitCoin's "genius."  He is financially literate, an avid student of macro/micro economics, outspoken and extremely obnoxious.  I consider him the Howard Stern of crypto.  Coyote has predicted much of crypto since coin #77.  Coyote is not perfect, but close to it.  Coyote sleeps 3 hours a day, the rest is crypto oriented.  Coyote is crypto's biggest trickster.

B.  SATOSHI00000001 is a "master."  He is a focused trader with 23 years of intense trading experience.  Coyote gets his trade tips from Satoshi.  Satoshi is a tribute to the creator of our community.  Satoshi trades and prays in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto prior to entering and exiting each trade.  #SatoshiKnows

C.  Gordan Crypto is my answer to the "wild child" in crypto.  He is dedicated to educating, enlightening, and honoring our youth.  Qualitative and quantitative data analysis is his specialty.  He is my caring side and total opposite of Coyote and Satoshi.  He wants NO part of them or anyone for that matter, only interested in our crypto kids' eyes, ears, and hearts.  Gordan loves the kids.

These 3 personas allow me a way to avoid information overload through compartmentalization.  I am a constant thinker, you have to be bipolar to trade crypto, basically god like.

3.  You have joined the TIT team, what is your reason for joining this team versus the many other development teams and what can you contribute to the development of TIT that the TIT team did not already have?

Like I mentioned, I had been involved one way or another in various developments.  This experience gives me an EXTREME advantage because I've witnessed firsthand what DOES and DOES NOT work in cryptocurrency.  Consider this... I have the knowledge of those 400 plus developments coupled with a background in finance and marketing.

I was in the middle of developing my own cryptocurrency called DefinitiveCoin, under ticker symbol DEF, at the time I signed on with TitCoin.  My coin was focused on the deaf and hearing impaied community, both my wife's parents are deaf.  However, I had been paid by TIT to promote and while researching, noticed some key points in the development that kept me awake at night.  I immediately phoned TitCoin founder Edward Mansfield once it all came together in my mind.  Overwhelmingly impressed, we formed an alliance with a commitment to become porn's premiere bank and stake our claim in this $10 billion plus market.  Consequently, DefinitiveCoin is on hold.

I am a businessman and investment banker by trade for over 25 years, Ed is a lawyer and businessman for over 25 years, and Rich is a very successful businessman with more experience than the both of us.  Rich is our compass!  Combined we bring over 75 years of proven work ethic, lessons, and success in many ventures to the cryptocurrency climate.  To sum it up, TIT is NICHE oriented, we are not a cryptocurrency, we are a bank, a business!

4.  What can you tell us about the future of TIT and is TIT heading in the right direction for acceptance?

The future of TIT is now!  We live IN THE MOMENT and DO NOT believe in dragging our feet.  We will board a plane in a moments notice.  TIT is the most progress oriented development outside of BitCoin.  We are currently #2 in terms of REAL WORLD media coverage in the cryptocurrency community.

We have many projects in the works, most are proprietary and I cannot mention due to contractual agreements.  But I'll say this, we are strategically partnering with many of the biggest corporations, names, and stars in the adult entertainment industry.  Many to be announced this upcoming week.  We will attend many adult industry expos and speaking engagements while creating a network of revenue streams through our recently formed Limited Partnership.

Currently, we are developing,, and the world's FIRST digital currency subscription based adult publication, TitCoin Magazine Our merchant acceptance rate is up 12,000% in brick and mortar shops.  Our NYC market is insane!  So yes, TIT is definitely heading in the right direction for both real world and online adoption, we are exceeding all written expectations and goals.  To be quite frank, TIT CANNOT BE FUCKED WITH!

5.  You have stated you're working on some real world projects for TIT to revolutionize not only the porn industry but the standards of crypto, what can you tell us about this ambitious plan?

Personally, I have created the industry's first cryptocurrency investment bank through my company Coyote Wall Street, dedicated to structuring and listing productive cryptocurrency developments with liquid trading exchanges to build a thriving economy while increasing REAL WORLD exposure and market capitalization.  I have a development team currently designing the NAKDAQ™, crypto's answer to NASDAQ.  I've been a market maker in small cap stocks throughout my career and consider myself an expert.

I am truly disappointed that the Winklevoss twins have "sold out" BitCoin to its arch enemy, "the State."  However, that will not happen with TIT, we will create our own electronic marketplace competitive to NASDAQ, while developing the first "SIN ETF" to be listed on OUR exchange.  Prospective candidates for our ETF so far are TIT and POT, another development I poured my heart and soul into at their launch.

TIT will revolutionize the ENTIRE adult entertainment industry's payment system while curing the market of its many diseases like First Data and Paypal securing the well needed anonymity factor for all involved.  There is NO ROOM for competition, TIT is global domination.  Coyote wins!

6.  What would you like to say to the crypto community?

I will be speaking on the topic of BitCoin 101: How To Discreetly Pay For Sex Online at EXXXOTICA Expo @EXXXOTICA on November 7-9, 2014.  More information will be posted on

"Crypto's God and Savior" - Coyote

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

TitCoin: A SHA256 Based Coin With A TIT In Adult Entertainment

Courtesy of TitCoin

TIT Accepted: 1BQxpDtzjFzKbdvw6U1gwnz8EFuPo3by7x

TitCoin is a next generation cryptocurrency with an unique adult entertainment concept of privacy and anonymity where it matters.  The concept development of TitCoin started in November in 2013, but the open sourced software was not officially launched to the public until June 21st, 2014.  Please do not confuse TitCoin with other adult entertainment related cryptocurrencies such as TittieCoin, TitCoin is not related to TittieCoin and goes by the ticker symbol TIT.  TitCoin is the brain child of fully transparent developers Edward Mansfield and Richard Allen, who saw adult entertainment as the perfect medium to bring digital currency into mainstream use one TIT at a time.

TitCoin is an innovative altcoin that has the SHA256 proof of work algorithm.  There is a total of 69,000,000 coins and a block reward of 69 coins.  The coin has a 60 second block time and difficulty retarget after every block.  In order to help fund development and community support for bounties, there was a small premine of 0.75%, which constitutes to a total of 517,500 coins.  However, the actually premine amount was actually less than expected as shown at block number 7496.

The wallet's user interface is a first generation QT wallet.  The menu tabs includes Overview for viewing balances, Send coins for sending coins, Receive coins for receiving addresses, Transactions for list of transactions, and Address Book for list of wallet addresses.  According to TitCoin, the transactional processing time of TitCoin is under 6 minutes whereas BitCoin can take over a hour to fully complete a transaction, which is not practical in the real world environment especially when users expect to see tits on demand and cannot be bothered with waiting.  

TitCoin markets to the adult industry where many coins cannot actively promote to adult oriented businesses, while TitCoin can because it's an adult coin for adult activities.  TitCoin accepting businesses are actively promoted by the TitCoin team and conveniently serve as the TIT accepting merchant's free marketing partner.  Users can find TIT on multiple payment processing platform in order to easily assimilate accepting TIT as a form of payment in the user's business.  The TitCoin team have been able to gain acceptance by a variety of payment platforms such as CoinPayments, CoinShipIt, CoinToPay and coming soon to Casheer once the mobile app is launched.  Users and merchants are able to find TITs readily available at the tip of their fingers.

One major factor that separates TitCoin from the rest of the pack in Altcoin City is mainstream media coverage.  Most coins are never featured on any mainstream media that's not related to crypto.  Whereas TitCoin has been covered by major publishing media establishments such as CNET, Men's Health, Gizmodo, Times, Money & Tech, Bustle and the list goes on.  TitCoin has gained the attention of businesses that normally do not touch the realm of the adult industry, which makes this an impressive feat by the TitCoin team.  Latest breaking news for the TIT community is the possible partnership with Penthouse Magazine family royalty, Nick Guccione, as well as acquiring a new TitCoin dev team member Patrick "PK" McDonnell, better known in the cypto community as Coyote of Wall Street, for his days as depicted by the movie itself.  Unfortunately Bitcentavo has reported that the Guccione deal has indeed fallen through, but the TitCoin dev team are not drowning in their sorrow or heavenly pair of TITs as they continue to reach out to Larry Flynt from Hustlers Club and other big names in the adult entertainment industry (  

TitCoin is not your typical altcoin because no other altcoin has been serious about supporting a cause that touches so close to many bedrooms around the world.  You may find this coin to be ambitious because many coins have failed to achieve real world adoption, but you can be certain that this is not your typical pump and dump coin and is a step closer to mass adoption.  You may find TitCoin to be a long term investment.

"Titcoin is the Bitcoin for Porn" - Gizmodo UK

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Friday, October 3, 2014

PinkCoin: A Pure PoS Coin with Breast Cancer Fundraising

Courtesy of PinkCoin

PINK Accepted: PGNk3amqorEAndzddu2itwj1ddHa1Zut31

PinkCoin is a next generation cryptocurrency with an unique real world problem awareness and fundraising concept.  Although its beginning was nothing more than the common pump and dump scheme that Altcoin City is commonly known to be plagued by, PinkCoin was able to rise from the ashes of despair and found a new life in the cruel world of crypto.  Shortly after the original dev abandoned the project, a few community members banded together to revive and nurture PinkCoin to grow to what it is today as seen on the BitcoinTalk forum thread created on May 24th, 2014.  The new and improved PinkCoin dev dream team consists of savvy coding extraordinaire to professional poker players, including in their line up are Sumgye, Tranzium, Fayoling, CryptoCayce, Sonysasankan and Owl on BitcoinTalk forum.

PinkCoin is an innovative altcoin that has the X11 proof of work algorithm, but if you're looking to mine some PINK then you're a little too late because the proof of work phase is over.  There is a total of 380,000,000 coins and is a fully operational proof of stake coin with a 1% annual interest rate.  The coin has a 30 second block time and a minimum age of 8 hours while having a max age of infinity.  PinkCoin relies on community effort and donations because there was no premine or IPO to help fund the project, which makes development a community effort.  Fortunately for PinkCoin, the band of brothers and sisters for PINK did exactly just that.

The wallet's user interface is a first generation QT wallet.  The menu tabs includes Overview for viewing balances, Send coins for sending coins, Receive coins for receiving addresses, Transactions for list of transactions, and Address Book for list of wallet addresses. However do not be fooled by the simplicity of PinkCoin because there is an option for anon technology.  PinkCoin offers a lightning fast anonymous transaction feature that is powered by the Pink Entanglement Engine.  Users will be able to use the Pink Entanglement Engine via the standalone website or within the integrated wallet to send transactions anonymously.  To further support the dev team's street cred in the mean streets of Altcoin City, fellow crypto activist and IT profressional Julian Yap has performed a peer review source code audit of PinkCoin.

PinkCoin serves more than just a crypto business, it is much more than that because anything is possible with coding according to the dev team.  The coding Jedi masters at PinkCoin developed not just your ordinary Twitter tip bot but rather a gamified one, where users can do more than just tip their Twitter friends on Twitter.  Users have the ability to play a game of lottery, blackjack, poker or the good ol' fashion rock, paper, and scissor for PINK.  Recently the dev team released a PINK poker game and even hosted a tournament, which now gives you an option to play poker with PINK against other PINK community members.  However, please proceed with caution since there are professional online poker players in our midst and one of which just sold his million dollar home in Washington for PINK and BTC (

As mentioned, PinkCoin is more than just fun and games, it is a business and a big step forward to real world adoption and use.  PinkCoin has strategically formed a partnership with fellow cyrptocurrency Sync, in what they call the Rewards Program although others refer to it as the Whale Program.  Users are encouraged to hold onto a large amount of coins rather than selling them on the exchange in order to reap reward benefits as offered by the program.  As a result, coins are moved from the market in order to reduce the amount of coins in circulation, thus increasing the value of the coins.  Retaining value is vital to any cryptocurrency, but more important for PinkCoin to support their cause of breast cancer awareness.

The PinkCoin team has formulated an ingenious plan to help spread breast cancer awareness while fundraising funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in order to help fund mammograms for women who are unable to afford testing.  PinkCoin has started a fundraising campaign program to raise $20,000 USD to help support the cause by rewarding users 100 PINK for every dollar donated, that's a whopping 20,000,000 PINK and certainly access into the PINK/SYNC Rewards Club.  The dev team are always looking for various ways to spread awareness and help fundraise for the cause whether it is with crypto or fiat, because every bit helps and can possibly save the life of your beloved.    

PinkCoin is not your typical altcoin because no other altcoin has been serious about supporting a cause that touches so close to home for many.  You may find this coin to be ambitious because many coins have failed to achieve real world adoption, but you can be certain that this is not your typical pump and dump coin.  You may find PinkCoin to be a long term investment.

"#StayClassy #PinkArmy" - PinkCoin

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

PandaCoin: World's First Cryptocurrency Designed for the Mainstream Mass Market Press Release

Courtesy of PandaCoin

PND Accepted: PSDrPgAGybQagcRct2G1usKFD1SELpS5DA

Press Release

World’s First Cryptocurrency Designed for the Mainstream Mass Market
Pandacoin (PND) reveals their first major update which showcases their intention of redefining the cryptocurrency landscape

    September 04, 2014: Pandacoin (PND) unveils their first major update which showcases their intention of redefining the current cryptocurrency landscape, by being the first cryptocurrency to design, develop and package specifically for the mainstream mass market. In order to appeal to the average user across multiple market segments and cultures that are new to the concept of decentralized digital currencies, Pandacoin was created to be easy to use, easy to buy, easy to mine and easy to understand.
 Cryptocurrencies are still in their infant stages and have yet to see widespread mainstream mass market adoption and usage as a unit of exchange both online and offline. By rethinking the current approaches to the design and marketing of cryptocurrencies, the first set of development releases for Pandacoin lowers the high barriers of entry to the fast paced and complex world of decentralized digital currencies.          

Development Releases

PandaBank World’s first main storage of cryptocurrency with a familiar internet banking interface and functionalities. PandaBank’s interface is designed with the general population in mind – secure and easy to use. PandaBank is how you would expect “crypto-banking” to function. Features include:
·         Password on PandaBank login and transfers.
·         View Individual account address balances and transaction history.
·         Send Pandacoins quickly using ‘Quick Transfer’.
·         Track how much interest earned on each individual account
·         Manage and transfer Pandacoins between own PandaBank accounts
·         Track how much incoming and outgoing Pandacoins for each individual account for the last 30 days.
Panda Browser Miner – No setup required to mine Pandacoins using just the internet browser, perfect for beginner miners to introduce them to the concept of cryptocurrency mining. Mine Pandacoin easily at work, university, school, library or anywhere as long as an internet connection is available. 

PandaMiner – A desktop or laptop mining application which simplifies the complicated mining process into an easy to use interface application that is suitable for beginner & intermediate miners that are just getting acquainted with the concept of cryptocurrency mining. 

BuyPND – Buy Pandacoins using Paypal. There is no longer a need to go through an exchange to obtain Pandacoins. Newcomers to the space do not need to buy bitcoins first, then buying Pandacoins from exchanges.

Crypto Crash Course – Making cryptocurrency simple and easy to understand by providing all the information that someone new to cryptocurrency will need to know. Consists of over 35 comprehensive articles and step-by-step tutorials covering multiple topics and FAQs.

PandaWallet – Take Pandacoins on the go, using the fully functioning standalone mobile and tablet PandaWallet for the Android platform.

New Homepage – A brand new homepage (www.pandacoinpnd.orgwhich showcases the new Pandacoin, welcoming newcomers to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies by providing all the information that they require regarding all aspects of cryptocurrency with the Crypto Crash Course, and the extensive Pandacoin features, ecosystem and community.
Introduction to Pandacoin Video – 3 minute video highlighting and providing a summary for new prospective users on our new homepage (     

For more information about Pandacoin (PND), please visit Detailed information regarding current development releases, future planned developments and general future direction could be found from our official announcement here -   

Pandacoin (PND)
Jo Sidaris (Bdanyo) / Public Relations Coordinator

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