Friday, October 3, 2014

PinkCoin: A Pure PoS Coin with Breast Cancer Fundraising

Courtesy of PinkCoin

PINK Accepted: PGNk3amqorEAndzddu2itwj1ddHa1Zut31

PinkCoin is a next generation cryptocurrency with an unique real world problem awareness and fundraising concept.  Although its beginning was nothing more than the common pump and dump scheme that Altcoin City is commonly known to be plagued by, PinkCoin was able to rise from the ashes of despair and found a new life in the cruel world of crypto.  Shortly after the original dev abandoned the project, a few community members banded together to revive and nurture PinkCoin to grow to what it is today as seen on the BitcoinTalk forum thread created on May 24th, 2014.  The new and improved PinkCoin dev dream team consists of savvy coding extraordinaire to professional poker players, including in their line up are Sumgye, Tranzium, Fayoling, CryptoCayce, Sonysasankan and Owl on BitcoinTalk forum.

PinkCoin is an innovative altcoin that has the X11 proof of work algorithm, but if you're looking to mine some PINK then you're a little too late because the proof of work phase is over.  There is a total of 380,000,000 coins and is a fully operational proof of stake coin with a 1% annual interest rate.  The coin has a 30 second block time and a minimum age of 8 hours while having a max age of infinity.  PinkCoin relies on community effort and donations because there was no premine or IPO to help fund the project, which makes development a community effort.  Fortunately for PinkCoin, the band of brothers and sisters for PINK did exactly just that.

The wallet's user interface is a first generation QT wallet.  The menu tabs includes Overview for viewing balances, Send coins for sending coins, Receive coins for receiving addresses, Transactions for list of transactions, and Address Book for list of wallet addresses. However do not be fooled by the simplicity of PinkCoin because there is an option for anon technology.  PinkCoin offers a lightning fast anonymous transaction feature that is powered by the Pink Entanglement Engine.  Users will be able to use the Pink Entanglement Engine via the standalone website or within the integrated wallet to send transactions anonymously.  To further support the dev team's street cred in the mean streets of Altcoin City, fellow crypto activist and IT profressional Julian Yap has performed a peer review source code audit of PinkCoin.

PinkCoin serves more than just a crypto business, it is much more than that because anything is possible with coding according to the dev team.  The coding Jedi masters at PinkCoin developed not just your ordinary Twitter tip bot but rather a gamified one, where users can do more than just tip their Twitter friends on Twitter.  Users have the ability to play a game of lottery, blackjack, poker or the good ol' fashion rock, paper, and scissor for PINK.  Recently the dev team released a PINK poker game and even hosted a tournament, which now gives you an option to play poker with PINK against other PINK community members.  However, please proceed with caution since there are professional online poker players in our midst and one of which just sold his million dollar home in Washington for PINK and BTC (

As mentioned, PinkCoin is more than just fun and games, it is a business and a big step forward to real world adoption and use.  PinkCoin has strategically formed a partnership with fellow cyrptocurrency Sync, in what they call the Rewards Program although others refer to it as the Whale Program.  Users are encouraged to hold onto a large amount of coins rather than selling them on the exchange in order to reap reward benefits as offered by the program.  As a result, coins are moved from the market in order to reduce the amount of coins in circulation, thus increasing the value of the coins.  Retaining value is vital to any cryptocurrency, but more important for PinkCoin to support their cause of breast cancer awareness.

The PinkCoin team has formulated an ingenious plan to help spread breast cancer awareness while fundraising funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in order to help fund mammograms for women who are unable to afford testing.  PinkCoin has started a fundraising campaign program to raise $20,000 USD to help support the cause by rewarding users 100 PINK for every dollar donated, that's a whopping 20,000,000 PINK and certainly access into the PINK/SYNC Rewards Club.  The dev team are always looking for various ways to spread awareness and help fundraise for the cause whether it is with crypto or fiat, because every bit helps and can possibly save the life of your beloved.    

PinkCoin is not your typical altcoin because no other altcoin has been serious about supporting a cause that touches so close to home for many.  You may find this coin to be ambitious because many coins have failed to achieve real world adoption, but you can be certain that this is not your typical pump and dump coin.  You may find PinkCoin to be a long term investment.

"#StayClassy #PinkArmy" - PinkCoin

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