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PandaCoin: World's First Cryptocurrency Designed for the Mainstream Mass Market Press Release

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Press Release

World’s First Cryptocurrency Designed for the Mainstream Mass Market
Pandacoin (PND) reveals their first major update which showcases their intention of redefining the cryptocurrency landscape

    September 04, 2014: Pandacoin (PND) unveils their first major update which showcases their intention of redefining the current cryptocurrency landscape, by being the first cryptocurrency to design, develop and package specifically for the mainstream mass market. In order to appeal to the average user across multiple market segments and cultures that are new to the concept of decentralized digital currencies, Pandacoin was created to be easy to use, easy to buy, easy to mine and easy to understand.
 Cryptocurrencies are still in their infant stages and have yet to see widespread mainstream mass market adoption and usage as a unit of exchange both online and offline. By rethinking the current approaches to the design and marketing of cryptocurrencies, the first set of development releases for Pandacoin lowers the high barriers of entry to the fast paced and complex world of decentralized digital currencies.          

Development Releases

PandaBank World’s first main storage of cryptocurrency with a familiar internet banking interface and functionalities. PandaBank’s interface is designed with the general population in mind – secure and easy to use. PandaBank is how you would expect “crypto-banking” to function. Features include:
·         Password on PandaBank login and transfers.
·         View Individual account address balances and transaction history.
·         Send Pandacoins quickly using ‘Quick Transfer’.
·         Track how much interest earned on each individual account
·         Manage and transfer Pandacoins between own PandaBank accounts
·         Track how much incoming and outgoing Pandacoins for each individual account for the last 30 days.
Panda Browser Miner – No setup required to mine Pandacoins using just the internet browser, perfect for beginner miners to introduce them to the concept of cryptocurrency mining. Mine Pandacoin easily at work, university, school, library or anywhere as long as an internet connection is available. 

PandaMiner – A desktop or laptop mining application which simplifies the complicated mining process into an easy to use interface application that is suitable for beginner & intermediate miners that are just getting acquainted with the concept of cryptocurrency mining. 

BuyPND – Buy Pandacoins using Paypal. There is no longer a need to go through an exchange to obtain Pandacoins. Newcomers to the space do not need to buy bitcoins first, then buying Pandacoins from exchanges.

Crypto Crash Course – Making cryptocurrency simple and easy to understand by providing all the information that someone new to cryptocurrency will need to know. Consists of over 35 comprehensive articles and step-by-step tutorials covering multiple topics and FAQs.

PandaWallet – Take Pandacoins on the go, using the fully functioning standalone mobile and tablet PandaWallet for the Android platform.

New Homepage – A brand new homepage (www.pandacoinpnd.orgwhich showcases the new Pandacoin, welcoming newcomers to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies by providing all the information that they require regarding all aspects of cryptocurrency with the Crypto Crash Course, and the extensive Pandacoin features, ecosystem and community.
Introduction to Pandacoin Video – 3 minute video highlighting and providing a summary for new prospective users on our new homepage (     

For more information about Pandacoin (PND), please visit Detailed information regarding current development releases, future planned developments and general future direction could be found from our official announcement here -   

Pandacoin (PND)
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