Wednesday, August 6, 2014

APEXCoin: New Webkit Wallet with Trading Platform

Courtesy of APEXCoin

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The APEXCoin Team has risen from the depths of despair and is coming back with a new sense of energy and a game plan.  The dev did not waste any time on their comeback from the failed FUD attempt of a hostile takeover.  The dev did not sit idling around as many who lost faith assumed they were, they were busy working their magic behind the scenes as we will soon see their fruits of their labor.  The APEXCoin is back and they're here to stay with their developments doing the talk for them as you will see below.

To start, the APEXCoin worked on their marketing with a banner advertisement display located on the front page of is one of the largest crypto community forum next to  The enormous amount of daily traffic will help the APEXCoin community spread their reach.  There are more marketing plans in place including a promotional giveaway via  The giveaway entry includes a simple follow and retweet on Twitter at @AltcoinToday and @APEX13Coin and Like on Facebook as well as posting your Facebook or Twitter handle on the giveaway webpage (  The APEXCoin Team did not waste any time spreading the good news of their return to Altcoin City.

The next news revealed is the long awaited webkit wallet.  The dev team worked their magic and was able to finalized the completion of the new webkit wallet.  The new feature added into APEX wallet v2.0 includes trading on Bittrex and Cryptsy within your wallet.  No longer would you have to open a browser to check the APEX market to trade, you can now log into your Bittrex or Cryptsy account all within your wallet.  The best thing is you can send coins from your wallet to exchange and vice versa while keeping a close eye on your coins whether your coins are staking or trading.  APEX wallet v2.0 has launched today, but development does not stop there.  There will be more development and releases in the near future with social media access such as Facebook, Twitter, IRC, etc.  The webkit accomplishment makes the possibilities endless with what the dev team can do.

The concept behind APEXCoin is based on the APEX Protocol, which is an acronym for Adaptive Protocol Environment and X13 for the algorithm.  The drive for APEXcoin is to adapt and adopt the latest desirable technology into their protocol as desired by the community by popular vote.  Adaptation and constantly changing to keep up with the ever changing technology allows APEX to survive and stay relevant in the endless sea of other altcoins that often fall into the dark abyss.  The APEXCoin Team does not seem to want to stop, but to continue to thrive and survive in the altcoin jungle.  The community is eager for more development and are generously donating to the development and marketing fund.

APEXCoin is not your typical altcoin because no other altcoin dev would consider constantly changing their coin protocol at the whim of the community.  You may not know what is the finalized road map of this coin due to its adaptive nature of growth and development, but you can be certain that this is not your typical pump and dump coin.  You may find APEXCoin to be a long term investment.

"Adapt to survive, adapt to Thrive." - APEXcoin_Team

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