Wednesday, August 6, 2014

RipoffCoin: A Scrypt Based Coin with an Honest Scam

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RIPO Accepted: RWensr185ZVwRPkTGmYJp1PyGY2eRHtW8n

RipoffCoin is a next generation cryptocurrency with an unique flair compared to common scams that the crypto community all seem to love.  The pre-announcement ninja IPO without escrow was launched on August 2nd, 2014 with the intent of distributing 1% of all coins to early investors.  To further complement the ninja IPO, the open source software and coin distribution was not available at launch on August 2nd, 2014 by fully anonymous member of by the name of RipoffCoinDevTeam, created on July 30th, 2014.  The crypto identity of RipoffCoinDevTeam and possible dev team members remains unknown.  Also missing is the background information of the dev remains unknown but we are told the dev team are mega competent and boasting with at least 2 years of English under their belts, which seems legit enough to invest your children's college funds.

RipoffCoin is an innovative altcoin that has the Scrypt proof of work algorithm with KGW.  There is a total of 12,000,000 coins and block rewards are specially distributed in a unique special block distribution for blocks 1 to block 10,000.  Early bird miners would find big block rewards as a reward for mining early during the ninja launch.  After block 10,000, common block rewards consists of 50 RIPO which will halve every 200,000 blocks after.

The concept behind RipoffCoin is based on being an honest scam.  Unlike many scam coins or possible scam coins, the scam is upright straightforward with their devious plan.  There's no white lies or empty promises of innovative features that would never come, there's only brutal honesty in a place where no other scam coin has gone before.  RipoffCoin is a coin for the crypto elites to play with as they have with the rest of the pump and dump cryptocurrencies.  The community relies on community donation because there is no premine, just kidding, there's a hidden premine of 1.125%.  Community donations is still welcomed because the devs would obviously need another fund to dip their hands into since we all know the premine is never enough to satisfy anyone's greed.

RipoffCoin offers many different special bounties and giveaways to obtain some RIPO to keep things interesting.  Special bounties includes spreading FUD, admitting not knowing what FUD means, calling RipoffCoin a scam, calling RipoffCoin a ripoff, creating hype and creating a big pump.  There are also giveaways on Twitter and currently RipoffCoin is having a Meme Contest.  RipoffCoin is also considering implementing a few enjoyable features in the future which includes RIPO LOIC, RIPO Proof of Stupidity, RIPO Trade, RIPO BlubberOut, RIPO Share, RIPO TOR with their state of the art anon mixer.

RipoffCoin is not your typical altcoin because no other altcoin dev would literally lay out the details of the scam.  There is a promising future for the RipoffCoin community, but the only drawback that may deter future investors from buying RIPO would be the anonymity of the dev himself and whether if there is actually a devious scam plan in play as the name insinuates.  If you can ignore the risk of trusting the unknown then you may find RipoffCoin to be a long term investment even if it's not intended.

Facebook:  None
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Proof of Developer:  6/5

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