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TitCoin: Q&A With Patrick McDonnell The Coyote of Wall Street

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We had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with the genius madman behind the mainstream media marketing guru of a plethora amounts of altcoins.  You may not know who Patrick McDonnell is, but you certainly do know about him in one form or another.  The eccentric man is the future of crypto and here's what you can learn from the Coyote of Wall Street.

1.  For those who do not know who you are, why don't you give a brief introduction of yourself and what brought you into crypto?

I'm Coyote, crypto's God and Savior.  I take inexperienced developers from the point of concept to responsibly listed cryptocurrencies on reputable "liquid" exchanges while promoting and helping in the development of their individual eco-system.  Bittrex is my home!  I have been involved with over 400 crypto projects and preach the necessity of financial literacy to each.  I have brought mainstream media to cryptocurrencies such as DogeCoin and was monumental in building that particular coin's marketcap and mainstream exposure.  

I entered cryptocurrency on the Silk Road news, instantaneously I saw the big picture.  The government now owned a significant holding in BitCoin which brought global coverage and exposure, which reminded me of CitiBank in 2007-2008.  The world WOULD NOT know of BitCoin if not for the unfortunate arrest of Ross, so please send him defense donations.  I am close with "Mamma Ross" and support her son.  Ross is innocent. 

Cryptocurrency is the NASDAQ in its infancy, but better.  You would have to be an idiot not to recognize that with my financial background.  I'm an ex Wolf of Wall Street executive, guys like me, Brian Kelly and Max Keiser, saw the vision and adopted it early.  Coyote is the LARGEST investor in alternative cryptocurrency.  Today's bag count is 616 different coins with a total bag holdings exceeding 53 billion coins.  I'm a long-term player with a goal of reaching the top of the BitCoin rich list.

2.  In the crypto community, you are known to be an eccentric character by a few Twitter aliases, what is your methodology for this tactic?

I'll explain, I use the monikers "Coyote Wall Street," "SATOSHI00000001," and "Gordon Crypto."

A.  Coyote is BitCoin's "genius."  He is financially literate, an avid student of macro/micro economics, outspoken and extremely obnoxious.  I consider him the Howard Stern of crypto.  Coyote has predicted much of crypto since coin #77.  Coyote is not perfect, but close to it.  Coyote sleeps 3 hours a day, the rest is crypto oriented.  Coyote is crypto's biggest trickster.

B.  SATOSHI00000001 is a "master."  He is a focused trader with 23 years of intense trading experience.  Coyote gets his trade tips from Satoshi.  Satoshi is a tribute to the creator of our community.  Satoshi trades and prays in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto prior to entering and exiting each trade.  #SatoshiKnows

C.  Gordan Crypto is my answer to the "wild child" in crypto.  He is dedicated to educating, enlightening, and honoring our youth.  Qualitative and quantitative data analysis is his specialty.  He is my caring side and total opposite of Coyote and Satoshi.  He wants NO part of them or anyone for that matter, only interested in our crypto kids' eyes, ears, and hearts.  Gordan loves the kids.

These 3 personas allow me a way to avoid information overload through compartmentalization.  I am a constant thinker, you have to be bipolar to trade crypto, basically god like.

3.  You have joined the TIT team, what is your reason for joining this team versus the many other development teams and what can you contribute to the development of TIT that the TIT team did not already have?

Like I mentioned, I had been involved one way or another in various developments.  This experience gives me an EXTREME advantage because I've witnessed firsthand what DOES and DOES NOT work in cryptocurrency.  Consider this... I have the knowledge of those 400 plus developments coupled with a background in finance and marketing.

I was in the middle of developing my own cryptocurrency called DefinitiveCoin, under ticker symbol DEF, at the time I signed on with TitCoin.  My coin was focused on the deaf and hearing impaied community, both my wife's parents are deaf.  However, I had been paid by TIT to promote and while researching, noticed some key points in the development that kept me awake at night.  I immediately phoned TitCoin founder Edward Mansfield once it all came together in my mind.  Overwhelmingly impressed, we formed an alliance with a commitment to become porn's premiere bank and stake our claim in this $10 billion plus market.  Consequently, DefinitiveCoin is on hold.

I am a businessman and investment banker by trade for over 25 years, Ed is a lawyer and businessman for over 25 years, and Rich is a very successful businessman with more experience than the both of us.  Rich is our compass!  Combined we bring over 75 years of proven work ethic, lessons, and success in many ventures to the cryptocurrency climate.  To sum it up, TIT is NICHE oriented, we are not a cryptocurrency, we are a bank, a business!

4.  What can you tell us about the future of TIT and is TIT heading in the right direction for acceptance?

The future of TIT is now!  We live IN THE MOMENT and DO NOT believe in dragging our feet.  We will board a plane in a moments notice.  TIT is the most progress oriented development outside of BitCoin.  We are currently #2 in terms of REAL WORLD media coverage in the cryptocurrency community.

We have many projects in the works, most are proprietary and I cannot mention due to contractual agreements.  But I'll say this, we are strategically partnering with many of the biggest corporations, names, and stars in the adult entertainment industry.  Many to be announced this upcoming week.  We will attend many adult industry expos and speaking engagements while creating a network of revenue streams through our recently formed Limited Partnership.

Currently, we are developing,, and the world's FIRST digital currency subscription based adult publication, TitCoin Magazine Our merchant acceptance rate is up 12,000% in brick and mortar shops.  Our NYC market is insane!  So yes, TIT is definitely heading in the right direction for both real world and online adoption, we are exceeding all written expectations and goals.  To be quite frank, TIT CANNOT BE FUCKED WITH!

5.  You have stated you're working on some real world projects for TIT to revolutionize not only the porn industry but the standards of crypto, what can you tell us about this ambitious plan?

Personally, I have created the industry's first cryptocurrency investment bank through my company Coyote Wall Street, dedicated to structuring and listing productive cryptocurrency developments with liquid trading exchanges to build a thriving economy while increasing REAL WORLD exposure and market capitalization.  I have a development team currently designing the NAKDAQ™, crypto's answer to NASDAQ.  I've been a market maker in small cap stocks throughout my career and consider myself an expert.

I am truly disappointed that the Winklevoss twins have "sold out" BitCoin to its arch enemy, "the State."  However, that will not happen with TIT, we will create our own electronic marketplace competitive to NASDAQ, while developing the first "SIN ETF" to be listed on OUR exchange.  Prospective candidates for our ETF so far are TIT and POT, another development I poured my heart and soul into at their launch.

TIT will revolutionize the ENTIRE adult entertainment industry's payment system while curing the market of its many diseases like First Data and Paypal securing the well needed anonymity factor for all involved.  There is NO ROOM for competition, TIT is global domination.  Coyote wins!

6.  What would you like to say to the crypto community?

I will be speaking on the topic of BitCoin 101: How To Discreetly Pay For Sex Online at EXXXOTICA Expo @EXXXOTICA on November 7-9, 2014.  More information will be posted on

"Crypto's God and Savior" - Coyote

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