Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MintPal: CEO of Coyote WallStreet To Offer MintPal Undisclosed Amount To Purchase

Patrick "PK" McDonnell, CEO of Coyote WallStreet, is interested in the purchase of MintPal Exchange for experimental purposes for an undisclosed amount.  Details of the offer is to be announced when we receive further details. Mr. McDonnell is currently developing the world's first electronic marketplace named the NAKDAQ™ to be a major competitor against NYC's NASDAQ.  This ambitious marketplace platform would revolutionize the crypocurrency industry and is exactly the forward thinking needed to save alternative cryptocurrencies.

"I believe that MintPal can be resurrected and the exchange itself offers our developers the opportunity to disassemble, dissect, and recreate what once was a viable trading platform.  The previous management team lacked the necessary liquidity from the gate to turn things around.  However, I do not.  With the correct capital injection and know how, MintPal's infrastructure can be saved and relaunched in a manner unlike no other.  A lack of finances and inflated egos is why this situation has occured.  With my firm's financial backing and our development team's skills, we can design a safe and secure trading venue that will change the landscape of how cryptocurrency exchanges operate creating new standards for years to come."  

Earlier today, controversial CEO Alex Green officially announced the closure of  Moolah due to failures of the company and ultimately the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings of Moopay LTD.  The announcement was abrupt but inevitably expected considering Moolah continuously missed deadlines for the launch of MintPal V2 and continued to be lose consumer confidence with continuous critical errors after launch.  Ultimately MintPal was doomed when Moolah took over management of the failing exchange and now questions are up in the air concerning MintPal's future.  Currently the future of MintPal is in limbo under a new undisclosed management team after Moolah stepped down.  MintPal is in need of a knight in shining armor to come to its rescue, which leaves a possible buy out the best plausible solution.  If MintPal accepts Mr. McDonnell's purchase offer then this could be a big step up for the future of cryptocurrency and possibly immortalizing the Coyote as crypto's God and Savior.  


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