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QuickSilver: A Pure PoS Coin Catering To The Taxicab Industry

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QSLV Accepted: QQzb1nni2SE3J2EQsWTgJbW9PLG1ZQkW7W

QuickSilver is a next generation cryptocurrency with a unique focus upon winning the taxicab industry by providing improved security and privacy for consumers, and reducing transactions fees for business owners.  The pre-announcement of QuickSilver was unveiled on October 26th, 2014, but the open sourced software was not officially launched to the public until November 5th, 2014.  This followed a successful ICO which raised 173 BitCoin in crowd share funding, which is going towards the development of the infrastructure and branding necessary to bring the project to success.  QuickSilver is lead by Benjamin Harrison, who has been a part of the altcoin community since 2013 and runs his own writing and editing service called

QuickSilver is an innovative altcoin which is a pure Proof of Stake coin, and has an annual stake rate of 6% with a minimum staking age of 4 hours.  The coin was initially designed with a total of 5,000,000 coins, however, after the coins which went unsold in the presale were destroyed via Bittrex, it's total coin supply was reduced to under 3,500,000.

The wallet's user interface is a next generation wallet with several built in functions which surpass the usability of the first generation QT wallets.  Along with the standard, Overview, Send Coins, Receive Coins, Transactions, and Address Book tabs, it contains an in-wallet Statistics tab which displays current network information, and an in-wallet Block Explorer for convenient blockchain search.

The QuickSilver Team is on a mission to establish QSLV as a meaningful form of payment in the multi-billion dollar taxicab industry to further push cryptocurrencies along the road towards mainstream adoption.  Consumers in large cities are becoming increasingly wary of credit card fraud and cash theft, and QuickSilver provides a swift and secure payment method to protect them from these dangers.  A mobile application is under development which will allow consumers to conveniently load QSLV onto their phone, and then make instant one-click payments at the point of sale.  The taxicab drivers are encouraged to adopt QuickSilver as a form of payment as the drastically reduced fees will lower their bottom line due to the avoidance of expensive credit card fees.  Protection from any potential volatility in the market will be provided through instant QSLV to USD transfers, which will be implemented through the mobile app.  Additionally, plans are in place to rollout a taxicab review system, complete with bounties that consumers can earn for taking the time to review a cab.

The simplicity behind QuickSilver allows consumers who are not familiarize with cryptocurrency to utilize cryptocurrency without even realizing it.  QuickSilver has the ability to achieve where BitCoin has failed by making the process simple to use.  Consumers can easily load cash directly into their QSLV account for instant usage, whereas cash to BitCoin conversion is often a multi-step task that often discourages new consumers from adopting cryptocurrency in their everyday lives.  QuickSilver has designed the process to be easy to use for both the consumer and taxicab business operator.

The concept behind QuickSilver is simple and focused, and could grant a big boost for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption when it begins to catch on in the taxicab industry.  For the purposes of establishing a Proof of Concept for the system, the QuickSilver Team is currently focusing the majority of their efforts upon reaching a level of adoption in New York City, however they are simultaneously building strategic relationships in international markets as well.  The QuickSilver Team is building a future where consumers will be able to use the QuickSilver app on their mobile phone to locate, rate, and review, and hire rides from all sorts of transportation services around the world.  Thus QuickSilver's long-term goal is to reach widespread adoption far wider than just the yellow cabs of New York City. 

The ambition behind the QuickSilver Team's project is tempered by their focus upon reaching achievable goals and milestones, thus the project avoids the common pitfall of aiming too high too soon, and so missing any meaningful goals all together.  QuickSilver is backed by a hardworking and transparent developer team who are determined to leverage their experience in business communication and marketing to make QuickSilver a long-term and widespread success.
"Streamlining the taxicab industry through cryptocurrency" - QuickSilver Team

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