Friday, June 13, 2014

Welcome to All Alt News' Official Blog

Salutations crypto lovers of the world and welcome to the official blog of All Alt News,  your one and only choice for all that is alt news.  I will be posting blogs about what is going on in the crypto community ranging from new coin editorials to commentary on the latest crypto scam.  If you're a new coin dev or crypto service provider and would like to be featured here then please submit your editorial piece via email.

All Alt News was officially launched on May 25th, 2014 on Facebook, Twitter and Bitcointalk.  Since then the following has increased more than expected, your support is greatly appreciated.  It has been 2 weeks since launching and All Alt News has acquired 328 voluntary followers on Twitter including Bittrex, Okcoin, Bter, Nix-e, Poloniex, CNEX, Allcoin, and the list goes on!  This is the result of your support so All Alt News would like to thank you for your support!

Bitcointalk: All Alt News

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