Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BlazeCoin: A Scrypt Based Coin with a Fire Fund Drive

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BLZ Accepted: BeqrSfx1BNzu8DtqE1h3tAo7dxBVfKCtcj

BlazeCoin is a next generation cryptocurrency with an unique distribution fund drive concept for a good cause.  The announcement was launched on May 25th, 2014, by fully anonymous member of Bitcointalk.org by the name of wpstudio, created on January 7th, 2014.  However, the open source software and coin distribution was launched on May 23rd, 2014 via direct mailing to the International Fire Chief Association mailing list resulting in a number of local firefighters and volunteers appearing in person at the station on launch day.  The crypto identity of wpstudio and possible dev team members remains unknown, but wpstudio will voluntarily provide you with the information if asked.  We do know that wpstudio is stationed in the DC area and one of the dev member was a volunteer firefighter at station 413.

BlazeCoin is an innovative altcoin that has the Scrypt proof of work algorithm and with a 30 second block timer.  There is a total of approximately 2,065,000,000 coins with a block reward of 413 BLZ coins which halves once per year.  The block reward of 413 was to commemorate one of the dev's memorable experience as a volunteer firefighter at station 413.  In order to prevent instaminers from reaping the rewards early on, the first 100 blocks had a block reward of only 13 BLZ coins in order to make the launch fair.

The wallet is not your standard copy and paste wallet, the QT wallet has been modified to give the overall look a little more spice relating to the theme of an infernal fury basking in its blazing glory.  The overall look and design gives the wallet a fresh look from the standard wallets because nothing was left untouched.  You have your standard functions of the Overview tab to check your balances and recent transactions, Mining tab for setting your mining configurations, Send Coins tab to send outgoing coins, Receive Coins tab to view your receiving addresses, Transactions tab to view your transaction history, Address Book tab to view your payment payees, and Console tab.

The concept behind BlazeCoin is based on community support as the premine was a low 1%, which would be used to support development and match grants to the fire departments for equipment and training opportunities.  As a result, the initial costs and continued costs are being covered from a community donation fund drive.  The BlazeCoin's community members have bonded together to form a community team to help spread the word about BlazeCoin for further development of their technology and support of local fire departments.  BlazeCoin has gained support from fire departments from afar as well as including from the oil industry, which may allow BlazeCoin to adapt into the real world rather than just another cryptocurrency.

BlazeCoin will be celebrating their 2 month anniversary with a giveaway to fans and users after winning 10 Gridseed ASIC miners from a charity auction.  If you're looking to expand your ASIC farm, then this is your chance to pick up some BLZ for a chance to win.  Further details of the giveaway will be disclosed on a later time.
BlazeCoin is not your typical altcoin because no other altcoin dev has the backing of a brigade of smoking hot firemen who are ready to put out the fire.  There is a promising future for the BlazeCoin community, but the only drawback that may deter future investors from buying BLZ would be the anonymity of the dev himself.  Although we do know how the dev looks like as seen in provided pictures, you can see if you can spot which firefighter is the dev below.  If you can ignore the risk of trusting the unknown then you may find BlazeCoin to be a long term investment and may even save your life one day.

"A dev is only as mysterious as others allow a dev to be." - wpstudio

Website:  http://blazeco.in/
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