Sunday, July 6, 2014

KryptKoin: A Scrypt Based Pure PoS Coin with a Multipool

Courtesy of KryptKoin

KTK Accepted: KVghQgwZxGyqdCr31BPhfYK1EdgePaQNCP

KryptKoin is a next generation cryptocurrency with an unique fair distribution concept of stake distribution.  The pre-announcement was launched on May 12th, 2014 with the intent of fair distribution of a total of 500 stakes in 2 distribution phases.  The open source software and coin distribution was launched on May 21st, 2014 by fully anonymous member of by the name of KryptKoin, created on April 23rd, 2014.  The crypto identity of KrpytKoin and possible dev team members remains unknown.  Also missing is the background information of the dev and purpose for the creation of the coin, which one can only assume the purpose would be up to the community members themselves.

KryptKoin is an innovative altcoin that has the Scrypt proof of work algorithm and with a 30 second block timer.  There is a total of 17,000,000 coins with block maturity rate of 50 and is a fully operational proof of stake coin with a 7% annual interest rate after a 3 hour coin maturity age.  However, the max age is 30 days although as a cryptocurrency it is preferable for you to move your coins around and purchase goods and services as intended.

The concept behind KryptKoin is based on community support as the dev also received a fair distributed share of 1 stake just like the rest of the 499 stakeholders.  Unlike many scam coins or possible scam coins, there is no premine or initial public offering of coins, which makes the launch fair for everyone to mine their share of coins through proof of stake.  As a result, the initial costs and continued costs are being covered from a community donation fund otherwise there are no paid bounties for promotional and development purposes.  The KryptKoin's community members have bonded together to form a community team to help spread the word about KryptKoin for further development of their technology.

With the community's support, KryptKoin was able to launch their very own multipool with pay out in KTK with proof of work algorithm mining capabilities in Scrypt, SHA256, X11, X13, X15, Scrypt-N and Keccak.  For every 1 KTK earned from the multipool, 5% of the earning will be donated to the donation fund.  To encourage mining hash power to the multipool, KryptKoin is promoting a ASIC Scrypt miner rig giveaway to lucky users of their multipool.  The requirement is to mine at least 12 hours, which makes this an opportunity for lower hash powered users to increase their hash power simply by mining to earn an entry in the giveaway.  Clearly, equal opportunity is a concept that the dev cherishes.

KryptKoin is not your typical altcoin because no other altcoin dev would give you a chance to win a material object to help increase your crypto wallet.  There is a promising future for the KryptKoin community, but the only drawback that may deter future investors from buying KTK would be the anonymity of the dev himself.  If you can ignore the risk of trusting the unknown then you may find KryptKoin to be a long term investment.

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    Node Crowd Fund: [url=][/url]

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