Sunday, July 6, 2014

JudgeCoin: A Pure PoS Coin with a Brief X13 Based PoW Period

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JudgeCoin is a next generation cryptocurrency with an unique community concept.  The open source software was launched on July 5th, 2014 by fully transparent member of by the name of judgecrypto.  Judgecrypto's real name is Neil Strecker, who holds many IT certifications and has been in the IT profession for over 18 years.  The creation of JudgeCoin was brought to life because like many other crypto lovers, Mr. Strecker was tired of the plethora of scam coins that continues to plague the crypto community.  

JudgeCoin is an innovative altcoin that has the X13 proof of work algorithm and has a 60 second block timer.  There is a total of 15,000,000 coins with a mining block reward of 500 coins, with no large block rewards up front for early miners.  The proof of work phase will continue for 20 days or until block 43200, then JudgeCoin will convert to a fully operational proof of stake coin with a 6% annual interest rate after a 24 hour coin maturity age.

The wallet's user interface is a next generation wallet with several built in functions compared to the usual simple first generation QT wallets.  The side tabs includes Overview for viewing balances, Send coins for sending coins, Receive coins for receiving addresses, Transactions for list of transactions, and Address Book for list of wallet addresses.  Special side tabs includes Statistics for current network information, Block Explorer for block chain search, Donate for donation, and Social for social media access.

The concept behind JudgeCoin is based on community trust as judgecrypto is a fairly distinguished member in the crypto community.  Unlike many scam coins or possible scam coins, there is no premine or initial public offering of coins, which makes the launch fair for everyone to mine their share of coins.  As a result, the initial costs and continued costs are being covered out of pocket by Mr. Strecker, which means there are no paid bounties. Instead, there is a call to arms for volunteers to come forth to help grow the community, in which community donations will go straight to the volunteer's personal wallet addresses for their hard work and dedication. 

JudgeCoin is not your typical altcoin because no other altcoin dev will ever tell you that you will not get rich with their coin.  You will not find any hype from the dev and you will not strike gold next week from the coin, but you can be certain that this is not your typical pump and dump coin.  You may find JudgeCoin to be a long term investment.

"A coin value should be based on what it delivers, not what it promises."  - judgecrypto

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